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Friendly Local Service

We are locally based with local staffs, please call in and say hello

Local Stockholding

We carry over many stocks at our warehouse, meaning we can get you back up and running fast

Our Own Engineering Team

Our team of service engineers are directly employed by us, they will know your business and how you like to work

Overview of Chemical Handling Activities

The group of PT Guna Solusi Handal includes expertise and experience for many aspects of supply chain for industrial chemicals including sourcing of raw materials, importing, storage and distribution. In addition, formulation R&D, blending, quality control, packaging and distribution.

Our Chemical Handling Capabilities
  • Extensive process capabilities.
  • Experienced and dedicated personnel
  • Training systems to continuously improve staff skills
  • Chemical logistics expertise.
  • Competitive sourcing of raw materials.
  • Application of quality standards
  • Extensive production capacity dedicated to key customers.
  • Internal Quality control testing and product verification.
  • Owned facilities.
  • Flexible packaging options.
  • Complete confidentiality.
  • Customized product and service for each client.

To be a partner to industry by providing quality products and services with a track record of reliability and repeatability, so that our key partners can rely on us as a critical supplier to maintain their production processes.


To provide just-in-time chemical delivery and blending services so that our client partners can optimize their production and operational costs and capital commitment without reducing the reliability of their production processes. This will be achieved by a combination of raw material inventory forecasting and inventory management, blending capacities sufficiently allocated to each client to minimize production scheduling delays.


We respect the rights of each individual and treat everyone fairly; employees, customers and vendors alike.
Our most important responsibility is the health and safety of our employees, the community and the general public. We are committed to operating our business in a responsible manner that will protect the environment.


To recognize our stakeholders that we will conduct our business with ethics, respect and care for people and the environment. We are committed to taking our partnership with our customers to the next level. We only gain and retain and grow our provision to our customers if we earn their trust and provide meaningful solutions that contributes to their own success.
We are committed to continuous improvement of our services by maintaining an atmosphere that encourages creativity, interactive participation and self-improvement